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Show your creativity with banners and café windbreaks for your business
16 June 2015

You wouldn’t spend your entire summer dressed in black and grey, so why do the same with your banners and barriers?

Summer is the best time to showcase vibrant colours and get your business into the sun-sational spirit.

Before getting carried away with creativity, identify key objectives and ensure they align with the company’s overall objectives. Think – are you promoting a new product or beverage; changing your brand identity; targeting a new audience or trying to stand apart from nearby competitors?

Once your focus is in place, the next step is choosing the right colour.

Summer Colours

Green – soothing and refreshing; ideal for café windbreaks, to reflect chilled beverages

Blue – calm, peaceful and trustworthy; unless your banner is being waved at a football match

Orange and yellow – flamboyant, confident, loud, energetic and fun; great for hanging banners

Purple – elegant and prestige; purple flags and banners were used at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Red – gives a burst of energy and a confident statement

Play around with your colour palette, ask a few different eyes to analyse your finished product and make sure your final decision is not OTT. The last thing you want is customers walking away bewildered.

Piggotts can assist you with

  • Corporate banners
  • Café barriers
  • Advertising banners

We specialise in hanging banners, café windbreaks and pop up banners.

Our banner makers are highly skilled; we can resuscitate life into a boring strip of material ASAP, using PVC mesh and fabric.

PVC mesh is great for external use; it is durable and has strong resistance.

Fabric on the other hand is softer in texture and is suitable for the drier months or internal use.

For quality purposes, our banners are digitally printed and seams finalised with sewing machines.

Lastly, reap the benefits by positioning your banner in the most eye catching location.

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