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Piggotts Flags & Branding at Royal Ascot
29 January 2018

Recently Piggotts Flags & Branding Limited received a call from Royal Ascot (who we have a long-standing relationship with to maintain and service their many flagpoles on site) with a request for support with one of their flag poles.

Each flagpole usually has either an internal or external halyard rope which is use to raise and lower the flag. This particular flag pole had an issue with the halyard rope that meant the flag could not be raised. Royal Ascot called us and we were more than happy to assist in getting the problem resolved.

There was an added element to this particular flag pole and flag issue in that the pole in question is almost 30 metres in the air and is inserted into the building design at the top of the entrance, so not the easiest place to get to.

Whilst not simple, it’s by no means impossible and with our history and expertise we attend site and using a very large platform we were able to gain access to the pole and replace the rope. This meant that the Union Jack flag that flies proud above Royal Ascot was once again able to fly.

This type of work is something that we do very often for our clients and is part of our flagpole maintenance and repair service. Not all flag and flagpole repairs require us to use a 30 metre platform, but they do all require the same level of attention and upkeep to ensure that they are in good working order.

Sometimes, even with the regular flag pole services, issues can arise but it’s our job to ensure that the impact to your brand is as minimal as possible and, as you can see from the photos below, no job is too small, or too big. Even if sometimes they are really big!


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