Flag Pole Safety Inspections & Installation - All Your Need To Know
Flag Pole safety Inspection – Piggotts Flags & Branding Ltd
13 July 2017

If you have an existing flag pole that has been installed either by Piggotts Flags & Branding Ltd or by another company, you should take note of the following regulations that are required which are your responsibility as the owner of the structure.

  • The Health & Safety Work Act Requires:
    • “Maintenance of it in a condition that is safe and without risks to health.”
  • Building Regulations Requires:
    • “The inspection and maintenance of any services, fittings or equipment so provided.”
  • Town & Country Planning regulations require:
    • “The advertisement must not endanger any person” and “Any structure or hoarding used must be maintained in a safe condition.”

Piggotts Flags & Branding Ltd offer an annual safety inspection and maintenance service on all flag poles. Our flag pole safety inspections are designed with the above regulations specifically in mind. We provide a written safety inspection report on all flag pole inspections that we do and we normally recommend that these are done yearly and your reports are kept.

Our flag poles come with a 10 year lifetime guarantee, but we still recommend that a safety inspection of your flag pole is done once per year. It doesn’t have to be done by us as we in turn carry out safety inspections on flag poles we have not installed, but it is advisable to ensure that this is done.

We carry out all nominal repairs during the safety inspections and will replace halyards and ensure that the pole and its fixings are in good working order. Should anything else be required, we will advise you of this and a price to be able to fully carry out the repair.

Think of it as an MOT for your brand!

We also would advise of the following safety tips for your flag pole and flag’s longevity:

  • We recommend that you do not fly your in high wind and very rainy conditions. These elements can cause severe damage and fraying to your flag. The flag pole, if it’s with an external halyard, is also recommended to be tied back to ensure that it doesn’t bang against the flag pole.
  • Buy your flags in pairs. The flags are often designed to advertise your brand and having them in good condition does wonders for promotion. Having one spare just means that should anything happen there is minimal disruption to your brand advertising.
  • Washing & repair. Keep your flags dirt free. Yes, they build up over a period of time if flown for long periods, but like anything that’s not looked after, it will fade and get torn. Replace with your second flag and ensure that your first is washed and cleaned regularly as leaving it too late will simply end up with you having to purchase a new one.

Should you wish to discuss our safety inspections or have more information on how we also wash, launder and repair our client’s flags, then please dont hesitate to get in touch.

N.B.  These regulations must be taken into account with not just a vertical flag pole, but with an angled flag pole or horizontal flag pole that is installed into a building, as the owner of the pole is responsible for its maintenance. Our recommendations apply to all these types too.

Piggotts Flags & Branding Ltd offers a maintenance service not just on the flag pole that we have installed but on any flag pole. Please contact us directly to arrange a price for either your new flag pole installation or the existing maintenance of your current vertical, angled or horizontal flag pole.

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