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16 May 2017

We understand corporate standards, the importance of communicating a persuasive and consistent brand message and successfully capturing your audience’s attention; be it a retail establishment, coffee shop chain, fundraising event or a reusable retractable banner for trade shows. Banners from Piggotts F&B deliver a visually compelling and persuasive marketing message, helping to reinforce your brand values.

What can you expect when ordering promotional banners for events and trade shows from Piggotts Flags and Branding online shop? Get inside our production warehouse to get to know the in-and-outs of our manufacturing and custom banner printing process.

Materials we print on

The following materials available are of different weights and purposes: Meshtech (PVC Mesh) and Scrimtech (High Strength PVC). Meshtech banners are recommended for areas with high winds, while Scrimtech banners provide 100% no shine through.

The versatile choice of materials we can print on makes Piggotts F&B able to deliver custom made banners adequate for nearly all indoor purposes as well as outdoor use, regardless of the weather conditions.

Contact us for a bespoke quote to request a personalised banner for outdoor use – we can even custom pick a thicker material to better suit your purpose.

British-made products with high quality full colour digital print

Piggotts’ roller banners and banners, printed on fabric and vinyl, come in a full range of vibrant colours (full colour banners with photos), or simply in black and white for a simpler look. Two of the strengths of our banners are long-lasting print and sharp corners – even upon closer inspection, our products are absolutely flawless. Prices of full-colour and single colour banners are the same.

We use commercial printers with UV resistant and environmentally friendly ink. All of our fabric and vinyl banners are manufactured in the UK.

Double-sided banners

The desired application will determine whether you require a single or double sided banner. Sometimes customers are advised to use two single-sided signage, rather than a double-sided banner, in order to guarantee the artwork does not show through on the other side, making the display illegible. However, our Meshtech and Scrimtech banners have been designed to take that worry off your shoulders – the precise print we provide guarantees your artwork will be visible only –  how it’s supposed to be.

Advertising banner stands – for one-off trade shows, exhibitions and semi-permanent outdoor use

Retractable banner stands come in both gloss and matte, with no additional lamination required. Keep in mind that the materials we print on are semi-gloss, so blank white areas where there is no print will be semi-gloss.

Roller banners are based on a heavy pedestal with a standard pole and a top bar clamping into the top edge of the banner. Pull up banners are portable, making them ideal for semi-permanent or one-off installations, such as trade shows or recurring events. Our banners are easy and quick to put up or roll down. A lightweight cassette is included with each order, assuring easy transportation around the venue and proper safe storage when not displayed. The cassette comes with a 12 month warranty.

The most robust banner in our collection is The Regal – mounted on a self-supporting base with no feet, it comes with a heavy-duty cassette and solid pole. The Regal is recommended for more permanent signage, where sleek and neat looks are required on a daily basis – such as hotels, venues and outside restaurants. The cassette included in each The Regal order comes with a 12 month warranty for complete piece of mind. A dedicated travel bag makes The Regal easy to re-locate.

Easy installation and detailed finish

Piggott’s outdoor banners printed on PVC come with welded hem and non-corrosive grommets inserted every 30-50 cm along each edge of the banner for easy installation. Other options of the placement of eyelets are available on request.

Sufficient cable ties are included with all orders – however, if non-standard mounting is required, let us know before placing the order.

Banners are the type of signage that can be mounted on both hard surfaces such as concrete and wood, as well as attached to poles or between fencing posts, allowing the banner to swing in the gusts of wind. For areas with strong winds, we recommend you order a Meshtech banner.

Extreme durability and detailed sharp print of our banners makes them a long-lasting solution that complements your advertising efforts.

Adequate after-care

All banners can be cleaned with warm water and gentle detergent when you need to refresh their look. Products should be allowed to air dry before being stored in the dry at room temperature. Any creases on fabric should disappear within a couple of hours after re-installation.

How long in advance do I need to place my banner order?

Manufacturing of your banner starts as soon as we receive your artwork and after we have finalised the details of features (mounting, eyelets).

Depending on your order volume, we are able to deliver a final product directly to your door as early as 5-7 working days. A specific estimate will be provided to you once we accepted your order details.

Are there any limitations in size?

Typically, we do not print fabric advertising banners that are smaller than 91×52 cm. However, to maximise the exposure of your message, we always recommend not to order banners smaller than 150×91 cm. Outdoor banners printed on Meshtech fabric and reinforced vinyl can be up to 2.6 m in width. Our retractable vinyl banner stands start at 80 x 200 cm of fully printable artwork. Even larger products are available on request.

We value your satisfaction

Our 100% customer satisfaction policy guarantees you that our product will be delivered in perfect condition with no manufacturing defects. Our team is always on hand to advise you on your custom printed banner.


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