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Choosing the right windsock for you.
4 October 2018

What safety windsock is right for my purpose?

Where are windsocks used?

  • Aviation: small airports and airfields
  • Medical transportation and helipads
  • Petrochemical plants and oil rigs
  • Offshore platforms
  • Prisons
  • Agriculture
  • Harbours, ports, marine uses

How to choose your best windsock supplier?

There are several determinants that qualify a manufacturer as a reliable provider of safety windsocks. These include; wealth of experience in the trade, quality of windsock products and materials used, plus the option of custom windsocks. To fit within your budget, see if a supplier provides special offers for large volume orders.

Remember the specs

In the UK, ICAO and FAA authorities provide detailed specs for safety windsocks. These include material, calibration and mounting details. Make sure the supplier adheres to them.

Materials, materials, materials…

To guarantee a long-lasting product so that you don’t have to replace the windsock for many years, choose the best quality nylon or reinforced rubber which is used to manufacture more robust windsocks.

Customise your windsock

By default, windsocks come in dayglow orange. However, the colour can be subject to change depending on your industry/company requirements. Custom windsocks for decorative purposes can even feature your own logo. Some suppliers will offer to outsource other materials than those normally available to perfectly fit your purpose. All types of windsocks can be custom printed, regardless of materials used.

Which material is best for a windsock?

Aviation windsocks must be lightweight and yet able to withstand extreme winds – reinforced polyester works best. More heavy-duty windsocks are made with synthetic rubber which is resistant to strong UV light, chemical and toxic fumes – ideal for petrochemical plants and the oil and gas industry in the Middle East. Windsocks for farm fields are made extremely sensitive to limit crop off-spray and keep it to the minimum. For windsocks for agriculture, contact us for a bespoke solution.


You’ve got this far… but how do you place your order?

Browse our collection of custom windsocks online to find out more about product details, or speak to our sales team on 01376 514372.

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