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Commercial windsocks and masts for industry

A windsock is typically used to measure which direction the wind blows. Whilst the majority of people will relate to wind socks at international airports, helipads or on the side of motorways, commercial wind socks are also used to identify the wind direction and gauge wind speed in many other settings and locations such as: golf courses, camping sites, fayres and events.

On worksites in the gas and oil industry where daily maintenance works carry immediate dangers to life and health, safety windsocks are the first step to determining; safe zones free from toxic exhaust gases, where those activities can be performed safely, or to determine the direction of gas outflows.

Windsocks for sale – order online or contact us for custom windsocks

Our standard windsocks products are compliant with both FAA and CAA regulations. Custom windsocks help create your vision – offering a range of branding exposure and meeting a range of ‘out of the ordinary’ requests for windsock materials.

For trade enquiries, large volume orders and more information on custom windsocks – including discussing our extensive range of colours, custom company logo prints and lighting opportunities – please contact us on 01376 514 372, Monday to Friday (8:30 – 17:30) or fill in our contact form.

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Are your windsocks covered by a warranty?

All of our windsocks come with a 12-month warranty that covers premature shredding from normal usage. Our windsocks are compliant with FAA and CAA regulations. However, if your windsock sustains damage or is not living up to your expectations, please contact our team who will be able to help you. 

Do you make custom windsocks?

Yes, we do. All of our custom windsocks are made with durable components that are designed to withstand the rigours of being flown for long periods of time. Just give us a call on 01376 514 372, and we will be more than happy to provide you with a free quote.

How do I choose the right windsock?

This ultimately depends on several different factors, including the location of where the windsock will be installed (including clearance to allow for free rotation), the height of the mast and country directives and legislation. If you need expert advice on choosing the right windsock, please call us today on 01376 514 372. 

How long does a windsock last?

The product lifecycle of a windsock will typically depend on a variety of factors including temperature, location, pollution and climate. Every material will eventually wear out, but at Piggotts Flags and Branding we produce premium windsocks which last longer than other manufacturers. We use UV protected materials that are compliant with the UK Civil Aviation Authority. 

How much is a windsock?

The cost of a windsock depends on its length, mouth and tail. To give you a better idea, a Hypalon Windsock that is 5ft long with a 15-inch mouth and 8-inch tail will cost you £88.20. If you need a custom windsock, then the price will depend on your exact requirements. 

Why do I need a windsock?

Windsocks are used to indicate visible wind direction and speed. They are most commonly used at airports where safety cannot be comprised when an aircraft lands or takes off. But are also widely used at chemical plants to help detect how quickly and what direction hazardous gases leaks will travel. 

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