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Feather flags

Feather Flags

Piggotts Flags & Branding Ltd can provide you with a perfect low-cost high impact solution for getting your business or event noticed with feather flags.

We supply a wide range of shapes and designs for feather flags

Our feather flags come in a wide range of size and shapes with many options to suit your needs. The printed feather flag is a printed polyester flag that’s dye sublimation printed and stitched with a double hem on the edges. This makes our feather flags both strong and robust for your peace of mind. The flag has a pole sleeve to keep the flag flying in the wind, this will help in those windy conditions.

A new feather flag kit

Your new and exciting feather flag comes in a hard-standing feather flag kit complete with a rotating water or sand fill base for secure positioning of your feather flag and a large handle for mobility and extra support. If you need the printed feather flag to be positioned on soft ground or grass, we have a great steel engineered rotating spike option for you. These are made of stainless steel and are exceptionally durable to ensure your amazing feather flag stays strong, waving in the wind and attracts attention to your brand or event, which is just what you need!

Our feather flags come in a variety of sizes

We have multiple sizes ranging from 2.8m to just over 5m high. Our flagpoles are of the highest quality and strength giving you reassurance. Our bespoke printing for feather flags means that you can have any design you want to suit your event. We can also help with design for your flags.

FAQ’s on feather flags

What flag design is best for me? 

We provide many different flag and banner designs and a variety of sizes.  Choosing the design that is best for you depends on what you want the flag for. We have various designs of feather or teardrop flags in different sizes. It depends on your own personal preference.

Do I want single or double sided printing on my feather flag?

A single-side printed flag has the design printed on just one side. This allows the flag to move more freely in the wind  and makes the design eye-catching.  This type of print does also show through to the other side of your flag in a mirrored image.

A double-sided printed flag has a design on both sides of the flag. These are composed of three flags sewn together, making the overall flag much heavier and sturdier and therefore it last longer.

Which anchor base is best for my flag?

The type of base you require to anchor your flag is dependent upon the ground you are placing it on. For example, if you display your flag on soft ground, it’s best to use a ground spike to anchor your flag, whereas if you are placing the flag on hard ground it is best to use a water base. If you plan to display the flag indoors then a cross-base stand is the best option.

How long will my feather flag last?

The life of a feather flag depends on variety of factors, such as weather conditions, material used, how long it will be outside and how well the flag is looked after. That being said we cannot give the exact amount of time a flag will last. We would also recommend taking them down in wind speeds in excess of 25mph.

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