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British Flags

British Flags For Sale: Union Jack flag and other national flags

Fly your British flags high, with a choice of printed or sewn flags from across the United Kingdom. Whether you are purchasing a decorative outdoor house or garden flag, supporting a sports team, displaying your county flags, or simply looking for Union Jacks for sale, we have the flag for you! If you require a bespoke flag or embroidered flags, please contact us for further help.

Piggotts also provides flagpoles and a flag installation service to help you display your national flags. You can also find what the National Flag flying days are here which will ensure you never miss a chance to fly your national or county flag.

FAQ’s on British Flags

How long will my UK flag last?

Its impossible to tell how long a flag will last. There are a lot of contributing factors that go towards the life expectancy of a flag, such as material, location, weather conditions and how well its looked after. You can extend the life span of a flag by making sure its lowered in winds over 25MPH and getting it cleaned regularly.

Can I get a bespoke flag?

Yes. If you can see a flag on our website that you would like, our team can  print whatever you require onto a flag so you can have one of your very own design. Contact us on 01376 514372 or email us at

Do I need permission to fly a flag?

If your flag is a National flag then you do no need permission to fly it. Any flags that constitutes advertising of a brand or event or anything with logos you should always check with your local planning authority first.

Are there certain rules for flying flags? 

There are protocols for flying flags in the United Kingdom. A full set can be found here

Do you sell flag poles?

Yes we do. We not only install them but maintain them as well.  These tend to be unique costs depending on the size of the pole, location, installation or maintenance requirements. Please contact us on 01376 514372 or email us at to discuss further with our team who will be happy to help.

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