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Flags – International & custom printed flags

Flags represent your company’s public image and are an excellent way to advertise and raise awareness of your business brand or event. As well as stocking a wide variety of country and ensign flags, Piggotts also stocks other popular designs, from football to national flags. We offer a bespoke printing service as well, if required, providing custom-printed advertising flags to help promote your business or event. So, whatever your requirements, Piggotts Flags & Branding Ltd can support you. If you are unable to find the flag you’re looking for in our online shop please call us direct on 01376 514372 or email our team on sales@pfandb.co.uk and we will be happy to discuss a bespoke solution to your individual flag requirements.

Printed event flags

Printed flags are produced using high quality dye sublimation printers. There’s also the opportunity to purchase sewn versions of flags too, these are hand-made by our professional and talented seamstresses.
Piggotts also has the resources to produce hand-embroidered flags on request. Our printed flags are made from hard wearing, fire retardant knitted or woven polyester or polytex HD. The sewn variations are made from woven polyester with any appliqué sewn in knitted polyester. We can produce any weight flag you need from 115gsm up to 240gsm.

Installation of flags and flagpoles

As well as helping you with your flag design, Piggotts can also offer a safe, accredited and reliable installation service for your flag, including providing and making flagpoles. Piggotts provides advice, knowledge and expertise on every enquiry or project as required. We also offer a flagpole maintenance service to ensure that you flag poles are safe and well maintained in good working order. We can also issue a LOLER certificate for you pole.
High quality flags with a reliable service (H3)
Whether you are looking to promote your business or event, or show your support by waving your international flag, Piggotts has a cost effective, reliable and high-quality flag for you. For information on banners, please see our banners page.

FAQs on Flags

How long will my flag last?

It’s impossible to tell how long any flag will last. There are a lot of contributing factors in relation to the life expectancy of a flag such as material, location, weather conditions and how well its looked after. You can extend the life span of a flag by making sure it isn’t flying in winds over 25MPH and also by getting it cleaned regularly.

Can I get a bespoke flag?

Yes. If you can’t see a flag on our website that you would like, then our team can print anything you require onto a flag so you can have one of your very own. Contact us on 01376 514372 or email us at sales@pfandb.co.uk

Do I need permission to fly a flag?

If your flag is a national flag, then you do no need permission to fly it. Any flags that constitute advertising of a brand or event or anything with logos, then it’s best to check with your local planning authority first.

Are the rules for flying flags?

There are protocols for flying flags in the United Kingdom. A full list of the the flying protocols can be found here https://www.flaginstitute.org/wp/

Do you sell flag-poles?

Yes, we do, and we also install them and maintain them, but these tend to be unique costs depending on the size of the pole, location, installation or maintenance requirements. Please contact us on 01376 514372 or email us at sales@pfandb.co.uk to discuss further with our team who will be happy to help.

Whether you are looking to promote your business or event, or show your support by waving your Union Jack, Piggotts has a cost effective, reliable and high quality flag for you. For information on banners, please see our banners page.

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