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Roller Banners

Roller Advertising Banners

Pop up promotional banner stands, and display banners stands for trade shows & exhibitions

Stand out from the crowd with unique and custom pull up advertising banner stands with no extra lamination needed. Our roller banner selection measures from 800 x 2000 mm in artwork size and has excellent print quality finish with vibrant colours to highlight your products or services well. These roller banners are the back bone of any indoor printed promotional branding for your event or company and all come with an incredibly sturdy base and carry case to ensure that the carrying and moving of your banner from event to event is as easy as possible.

The Zip roller banner

The Zip roller banner offers excellent value for money and functionality. This lightweight cassette with a standard extension pole and plastic retaining clip is ideal for use in London or those one- off exhibitions. The zip is quick and easy to put up and take down. This banner even comes with its own travel bag and cassette which is guaranteed for two years.

The Midi pop-up banner

This pop-up advertising banner is a two feet wide solid performer which offers a heavy base, with a standard pole and an innovative top bar that clamps onto the banner. The midi is ideal for semi-permanent placements and events such as exhibitions. It’s easy to use and the cassette comes with a four-year guarantee.

The Regal display banner stand

This roller advertising banner is our flagship product, which offers a self-supporting base with no feet. The construction of the cassette is very robust with a solid pole and heavy-duty top rail. The regal banner is the perfect advertising banner for permanent installations where a sleek look is required, such as in a reception area, a venue or in shops or cafés. The cassette is backed up by a six-year guarantee which offers peace of mind. The regal roller banner also comes complete with its own padded travel bag.

For more information on our pop-up banners and delivery methods, please contact one of our sales team at 01376 514 732 or fill in our contact form.

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