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Maintenance for display banners, large flags and flagpoles

Piggotts recommends you use our maintenance and inspection services to ensure safety is in place, as well as getting the best out of your product. A varnished timber flagpole will last years longer than one that has not been varnished. The following services are offered by Piggotts on a pro-active and reactive basis:

  • Flagpole maintenance
  • Comprehensive cleaning services: including washing and ironing
  • Flagpole painting and varnishing
  • Flagpole repair and installation of replacement parts
  • Flag change
  • Flagpole removal off-site

Safety inspections of flags and flagpoles

Piggotts’ flagpole safety inspection is a fundamental service we offer. It is widely recommended you have a flagpole safety inspection every six months to fix any damage before it gets too substantial.  This service also covers associated wires and shackles, hooks, pole carrier and slings which are classed as lifting equipment and therefore need to be inspected on a six monthly basis. Piggotts recommends that flagpoles are checked monthly due to weathering and to ensure safety is in place. Therefore we deliver the following inspections on a recurring basis, or as a reactive emergency service:

  • Checking the general condition of the flagpole for damage or rot
  • Checking the fixings – making sure they are tight enough and not rusted or sheared off
  • Checking the halyard – to ensure it moves and is not frayed or damaged
  • Checking the pulley system
  • Making sure the flag is clean
  • Checking the stitching and looking for damage to the flag
  • Ensuring the heading line and toggle are attached and in good condition

For details on our flag maintenance and safety inspection services, contact one of our sales team at 01376 514372 or fill in the online contact form.

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