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Eco-friendly flags and banners

Piggotts are now able to offer you printed products such as eco-friendly flags and banners on 100% recylced fabric from PET bottles.

How we make our recycled printed flags and banners

Bales of plastic bottle wastes are supplied to us by recycling collectors. Our yarn manufacturor’s workers then have to separate the coloured bottles from the clear ones and every bottle will be inspected to ensure that it’s free from any foreign materials including the labels and the caps. The sorted PET bottles will be sterilized, dried and crushed into small chips still separating the clear PET bottle chips from colored PET bottle chips.

Once the chips are ready they will go through heating that will enable them to pass to the spinneret until they end up being wound up like yarn threads in spools. The fibres are drawn into smooth strings and then go through a crimping machine which gives the polyester yarns a fluffy wooly texture. The crimped polyester yarns will be dried and baled and will have to pass quality control before considered fit for selling.

This yarn, which is eco-friendly and recycled is then what we use to make a whole range of printed flags, banners, advertising banners, windsocks, feather and blade flags if you require a more environmentally friendly product.

We can provide any printed flags and banners you require using these recycled materials, so if you require more information on the options or any of our other flags, banners, bunting, windsocks, exhibition bundles, building wraps, scaffolding banners, please contact us.

Recycled PET yarns for use in printed flags and banners - Piggotts Flags and branding

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